Elk Velvet Antler Reviews

​​​​"North Americans like yourself are discovering the many benefits of
Elk Velvet Antler Supplement"

"Just a short note about my experience. I am 55 years old and have been taking elk velvet for 10 years. I suffer from mild fibromyalgia and have noticed a tremendous improvement in my hands, wrists, and knees. Joint inflammation has subsided and I have boosted my energy level. I am even hiking again. Thank you Country Gold." * 
​-Cathy H.   Timmons, Ontario

"Our youngest son (27) suggested your product after finding it beneficial for his troublesome knee as a result of cartilage damage and a couple of surgeries at a young age. Since then both my wife, myself and my 91-year-old mother in law all notice a big improvement to joint and lower back pain." *
​-Allan P.   Waterdown

"A Miracle Capsule."

 "About 16 years ago we read an article in "Grain News" of results from the use of Elk Antler Capsules. My husband, a farmer was in constant back pain. I could not believe the difference in his walk. Now our daughter uses these daily for controlling her M.S. enough to be able to work at a job and be a homemaker. Another daughter suffers from Scoliosis. She is very dependent on them for her off-farm job with preschoolers as well as able to enjoy gardening and yard work. I depend on them for osteoarthritis, very painful carpal tunnel in hands and arms. Also control pain in sciatica in back, hips, legs and back along with "Gout" in toes and leg cramps. Our sister in law gets relief from sciatica in her back after a few bottles of capsules.
  We have helped others through our experiences over the years. There are family members who we know can't manage the pain control without the use of this product" *
​-Gwen E.   Estevan Saskatchewan

​"At 70 years old, I was suffering from lower back and also joint pain. I believe in natural products as opposed to chemical-based. I read up on the natural healing quality of Elk Antler. Soon I was taking 2 capsules per day. I was pain-free and able to function in a normal manner. I continue to use the same amount and continue to get the same results." *
​-Maureen L.   Red Deer, Alberta

"I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your product (velvet elk antler). I have breast cancer which has metastasized to my spine and ribs. The elk antler has done so much to slow the cancer down and minimize the pain. I have been taking it since last November, and I am still taking two capsules a day. I feel so much better when I take it, that I hate to give it up even for a while." *
​-Martha A.   Grande Prairie, Alberta

"After dealing with several health problems during the past four to five years, I started taking Elk Velvet Antler six months ago. I am feeling so much better and gradually returning to a normal lifestyle. Thanks, EVA!" *
​-Iva A.   Burlington, Ontario​

  * results may vary from person to person

Country Gold Elk Velvet Antler Reviews
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