​​​​Elk Velvet Antler:  
Nature's greatest gift!

 ​​​​Since 1995
  We are Perry and Lori Ulrich with Country Gold Elk Velvet Antler and are located just a few minutes south east of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Western Canada. A third generation farm and we have elk on our farm!

 We have been excited about Elk Velvet Antler (EVA) and the health benefits that it provides since 1995. CountryGold has been committed to developing premium quality Elk Velvet Antler health supplement options, providing our customers with unparalleled customer service, industry expertise, and value pricing.

New to the West, Proven from the East
 A new natural health product unfamiliar to many of us needs to be priced right. Not able to find an answer on our frequently asked questions page? Send us a message to talk and we will do our best for you.

 Antler Velvet is a renewable resource and is produced every year. All animals are grass fed and pasture raised. The amazing health benefits and testimonials that we have received over the years shows why this valuable adaptogenic super food has been used for centuries. See what customers have said.

How to Get EVA Supplement
Our CountryGold Elk Velvet Antler can be found in Health Food Stores, ordering online, or by telephone, and now with e-transfer, and auto shipping. We offer our Velvet Antler in capsule form, bulk powder jars, or in a combination with ginseng. Our prices can not be beat as there are no middle men to deal with. We use long term secure credit card processors Paymentech and PayPal to accept all major cards.
 We are always on the look out for any new exciting information to add to our site for your benefit so please check back often. Or, if you have something that we can possibly add by all means give us a shout! We have a lot of information here. 
Perry and Lori Ulrich owners of Country Gold Elk Velvet Antler
Hello from Perry Ulrich!
elk velvet antler and ginseng pills
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Elk Velvet Antler and Ginseng
Traditional Chinese Medicine's TOP 2
ENERGY herbs working together for this #1 combination!

​​Know exactly where your health food supplements come from....

  Every step is chemical free on our farm. Your pure Velvet Antler is freeze dried without chemicals to retain the full spectrum of nutrients. This has shown as much as a 400 percent improvement in retention compared to the old method of using heat to dry.

  We use one state of the art Health Canada regulated facility just outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Western Canada for all testing, freeze drying, super fine powder grinding (for best absorption), and packaging for your pure Elk Velvet Antler.

 The processor is GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practices) as set out by the Government of Canada and has the Health Canada Facility licence. We have been issued a natural health products number (NPN) from Health Canada (80041148​​​0) to validate our product.

 In addition, all samples are sent to an accredited lab in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for quality and purity testing before any bottling and capsulating.​​​​ Quality is super important to us as we provide a first class health supplement that a lot of people in the western world know little about.​​

bulk powder velvet antler jar 100g
Bulk Powder
Elk Velvet Antler
110g. Jar with scoop
Equivalent to 6 bottles
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